“The creation of art is the passion. The completion of art only ignites another creation.”
― Jeffrey Breslow

Kristina Valdmaa Designs is a progressive design studio founded upon the valued traditions of quality craftsmanship and uninhibited creativity exhibited by master artisans of the past. We believe design should encompass an ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Founder, Kristina Valdmaa, is known for her ingenious use of high quality materials and innovative concepts crafted with skill and precision. It is no secret that designs originating from our studio are often inspired by our deep love of history, art, and a deep rooted respect for nature influences our portfolio.

Despite past recognition, Kristina remains a humble artist more interested in further pushing modern design capabilities and functionality than accolades. In fact, she often cites her clientele as the true geniuses behind her work. While attentively discussing their passions, interests and sentimental values Kristina is able to individualize any event with stylistic flair and grace by providing artistic direction to their passions. This process is a colorful collaboration of inspiration, artistic vision, and beautiful talent.

About the Artist

Kristina Valdmaa began her career in Estonia, a country of only 1.3 million people. Her hometown, Tallinn, is Estonia’s capital. Known for its scenic views and historic sites, it is also one of the oldest cites on the Baltic Sea. Tallinn’s Old Town section dates back to the medieval times, is often referred to as “medieval pearl of Europe” and is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site since 1997.

While attending the University of Tartu, Kristina was profoundly influenced and inspired by American event designer Preston Bailey. At the youthful age of 19, she decided to pursue her dream in the United States.

Kristina’s diligent studies exposed her to dozens of different skill sets that would need to be continuously honed to achieve the growth and mastery of artistic expression she sought. Driven by her deep-rooted passion for design Kristina worked in the floral and event design throughout North America and Europe.

It was during this time Kristina met her future husband, an entrepreneur and interior designer, who prompted the new business direction and the founding of Kristina Valdmaa Designs. This was the beginning of a long journey to unmistakable creativity that transcends time and passing trends. KVD owes its success to a great team of hardworking professionals who have all joined efforts to bring the design firm to a new level by experimenting with different mediums, floral concepts and original designs.

Kristina is best known for integrating her original design esthetics and expertise into the world of event and interior design while remaining focused on each client’s taste, personality, and budget.

She finds history and art objects from the past fascinating. For her, the emphasis is on discovering relationships and associations that add texture, richness and depth, to various elements that lend a design spirit and character. She tries blending the ancient philosophies of balance and harmony with the classic principles of design and architectural space planning.

Kristina remains humble attributing the majority of her success to her clients who she says are the real genius behind each design. In her opinion – clients deserve the Best of the Best of authentic and original work of art. Quality is priceless, and her work can attest to that.

Outdoor events have always been Kristina’s favorite to design, so it is no surprise this is where she spends her down-time with husband, Michael, and best design to date – daughter Valarie. She enjoys outdoor cooking and entertaining for family and friends.